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Customer Service

The customer is your number one priority.

It doesn’t matter if you are a multinational, multi billion-dollar corporation or if you are a "Mom and Pop" shop - the customer is the most important part of your business. Think about what your business would be without your customers or clients. The fact is, you wouldn’t be in business without them and that is exactly why you need to treat them right.

What is good customer service?

Good customer service can be broken down into several different steps.

Be available.

Make sure you and your sales staff are open and available to your clients and customers. Make sure you check your emails, Internet forums, phones; any gateway that someone could use to get in contact with you needs to be checked often

Under promise, over deliver.

Any promises you make to you customers have to be able to be kept or you will lose that customer. When you under promise and over deliver, the customer is pleasantly surprised. When you finish the project faster or are able to come in under the budget you set, your customer will leave knowing you made them a priority.

Immediately deal with complaints.

Nothing hurts your business more than when a customer leaves and writes a scathing post on the internet or on Facebook for all their friends to see. Avoid these kind of PR mishaps by dealing with complaints right away. Do everything within your power to rectify the situation for this customer. Even if you cannot resolve the problem, putting in a valiant effort speaks volumes.

Go the extra mile.

Your company doesn’t have to go bankrupt throwing in freebies to customers. Find something small to give away to good and returning customers. A small coupon or small free gift with their purchase says a lot about your customer relationships. By using these rules to run your business, your customers will walk away from every business transaction happy and satisfied with your company. Most importantly, good customer service will lead to more customers walking through the door. What does your business do that maybe I left out? Have you done anything creative to boost your customer service? Shoot us an email and let us know.